The Buzz

An installation in the form of furniture clusters and a live soundscape, The Buzz creates a commons for activities of slowed time and loose attention: idling, lounging, watching, or listening. The furniture is composed of image samples combined through techniques of vision normally experienced by a single observer—phone panoramas, VR environments, and aerial drone cameras. The image-as-furniture renders these techniques as social amenities. The clusters contain a live soundscape, actively combining field recordings, live feedback of the environment, and a generative composition that changes over the course of the day, week, and month.

The Buzz is a collaboration by UCLA faculty and students led by Gabriel Fries-Briggs, CityLAB, and REMAP. UCLA students: Aubrey Bauer, Yiran Chen, Dongxiao Cheng, Noor Jarrah, Xihan Lyu, Michael Pickoff, Nichole Tortorici, Lingjie Wu, Ning Zhu. The project was funded by a 2018 Arts Initiative Grant. More info at

Installation on view across the UCLA campus October - December, 2018.

Fall 2018