Museums as Climate Policy 

Museums have often served as gatekeepers to collective knowledge, propping up repressive narratives through accumulated assets. The Museum as Climate Policy redefines institutions as a public resource where the nature of content is reassigned to the public.

The Museum as Climate Policy generates thought on climate change and green futures through user documentation and public policy contributions. Rather than conserving objects, this physical and digital museum is a center for documenting and untangling the web of climate impact, understanding the relationship between the individual and the collective. The museum addresses the need for urgent action on climate change by restituating the museum as the center of policy discourse and providing an infrastructure for direct action. 

The museum’s visitors are empowered to recover from climate guilt and doomism, and to instigate change via an exchange of object for knowledge and knowledge to action.

With Libby Ellwood, Hanna Mesraty, and Cheyenne Gurule.

Fall 2020