Drawing In-Painting

Drawing In-Painting is a project about a software. We're calling our software Match-by-Patches. Like the Content Aware tool in Photoshop or Warhol's Paint-by-numbers, it doesn’t introduce entirely new things, it just reshuffles existing content. We thought it fitting to use it for a renovation, in this case, an office. To force some comparisons with this method of working, it could be considered a form of painting. Indeed, the larger field of adjacent techniques and tools is called in-painting. Also known as image interpolation, in-painting is used to reconstruct deteriorated parts of images or to paint-in missing pieces based on surrounding imagery of materials. However, it also bears resemblance to what could be considered drawing. Moving a cursor across a screen to select a region of pixels relies on lines to enclose an area. If imaging can be described as a form of drawing with material, then drawing in-painting might serve to give material some form of coherence according to image logic.

Published in Room One Thousand, Issue 7: Material

Team: Hong Bae Yang and Yiran Chen