10 Casts

Plumbing standards and the protocols of tilt casting are brought together in 10 Casts. Supported by the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Teaching Fellowship, the exhibition presents the back-side of the wall as a site of coordinated labor, loose material formation, and the internet of concrete. 

10 Casts constructed a one bedroom apartment’s worth of plumbing containing hook ups for a bathroom sink, shower, and toilet and a kitchen sink. Forced to fit in the space of 2426, a gallery for architecture in Los Angeles, the apartment’s walls were distorted around the floor grid of the gallery. Various formats of imaging inform casting and guide the pouring of concrete on tilted formwork: accelerometer readings, standards of plumbing flow rates, properties of thermal expansion, and edge-detecting video feeds of concrete slurry against a snap line grid.

The sensor readings and imaging feeds steer slumping in areas of need and produce void or thinness where a thickened mass was not required. Wifi enabled microprocessors and accelerometers attached to formwork both calibrate tilts and stream live to the web. After installation, the wifi boards streamed independent networks through which visitors could access drawings and instructions, merging the means of construction and dissemination.

Spring 2016