Building Tables

X-rays, overlays, and dense transparencies, the properties of recent visual hardware render architecture as amalgams of simulated materials and systems. Headsets increasingly supplement the section drawing as the primary means of understanding organization and analysis. To the classifications of literal and phenomenal we might add real-time transparency, the production of depth via computational vision.

Building Tables takes seeing as a compositional means. As techniques of vision are updated and amended, architectural barriers are newly exposed. In six tables, a series of conventional wall assemblies are conceived as objects for display. With Nicholas Pajerski and Hong Bae Yang

Dune Ducts

Drawing In-Painting

10 Casts

Building Tables

The Buzz

Interiors For Dead Animals

Fast Food Fig. 1


Volumetric Thresholds

Stadtwald Dresden

Curtain Call

Counting Bricks

177 Livingston

The Putting Lot

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