177 Livingston

177 Livingston, in downtown Brooklyn, was built to house three different arts organizations: Triple Canopy, Light Industry, and The Public School New York. The organizations were separated for distinct activities but joined for maximum shared space for large events. Partitions separate. The lack of cladding connects. Infrastructure, storage, and a variety of functions are built into the walls and can be rearranged depending on functional needs or desired levels or opacity. To enable the diverse uses of the space, the design and build out included flexible furniture (tables, benches, a stage) that can be collapsed, moved, or plugged into the wall frames. The lease for 177 Livingston was an experimental arrangement between the landlord, the city, and the three organizations. Because the free lease was given for anywhere between three months and two years, the open frames were designed to be easily taken down, flat packed, and set up in a new temporary space. Design in collaboration with common room and Rachel Himmelfarb.

Dune Ducts


Drawing In-Painting

10 Casts

Building Tables

The Buzz

Interiors For Dead Animals

Fast Food Fig. 1


Volumetric Thresholds

Stadtwald Dresden

Curtain Call

Counting Bricks

177 Livingston

The Putting Lot

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